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About Adagio Ballroom

Ballroom dancing is all about connecting.

Connecting with other people by dancing with them, connecting with the music, connecting with yourself.

At Adagio Ballroom, we are here to help you connect to your goals and to help you grow through dance. Ballroom dancing has benefits for everyone to reap. Dancers enjoy social benefits (from participating in a dance community,) physical benefits (exercise via dancing,) and mental benefits (learning to dance exercises your brain.)

Not to mention, dancing is a bunch of fun.

We provide many group class opportunities in the Greenville (NC) and Washington (NC) areas, which you can explore on our Schedule page. For a bit more flexibility- you can also book a private lesson at a time that works best for you by simply calling or texting (252) 320-9251.

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"Dance for yourself.

If someone understands, good.

If not, no matter."

-Louis Horst

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